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Family Care Lebanon is a non-profit humanitarian association, seeking to help anyone in need regardless of background, colour, or creed. We are made up of volunteers of different nationalities, who are dedicated to serving the community.  Family Care Lebanon (FCL) is an independent, charitable association active in Lebanon since 1998 and registered at the Interior Ministry since 2005. With support from both the local business community, private individuals, and in cooperation with like-minded institutions and NGOs, we work to implement a variety of social and community development programs throughout Lebanon.

The dramatic economic, social and political collapses that we have been witnessing these past two years, coupled with the pandemic, have brought many Lebanese families to a state of despair. It is estimated that 55% of the population is now under the soil of poverty. Channeling direct aid to impoverished and needy individuals and institutions has become our main focus. Thanks to a network of dedicated friends, we are able to assist thousands of people in dire need every month through our Food Drive distributions, supplies of basic commodities, clothes, healthcare etc. It is just plain hard to see this beautiful country falling so quickly into such a state of neglect, destruction and despair.  

These past seven years between one to one and a half million refugees have also found refuge in Lebanon due to the war in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. We have been able to organize the manufacturing and delivering of tens of thousands of winter jackets, pants, mattresses, blankets and other essential commodities to many locations. This is an ongoing project.

 To add to the woes of this country, a huge explosion at the port has shattered a large part of Beirut in August 2020.  As we walked through these destroyed areas, our hearts really went for the elderly persons left to fend for themselves. (Welfare is almost nonexistent for most of them). We decided with some of our social partners to help with the repair works of the houses of some of the most despondent people. As of today, 48 apartments have been fixed. The doors and windows that had been blown out by the blast have been replaced, and when need be new appliances provided. We are so pleased that these elderlies now have some decent places to live and are better prepared to endure the winter that can be fierce here on the coast. 

We are amazed at the resilience of the Lebanese people, stemming from their rich culture of faith, Christian and Muslim alike. The civil servants, volunteers, social workers, dedicated friends that we are pleased to work with are the backbones of many social projects in Lebanon who, in the absence of an efficient government, have kept the country going. 

We just described above the most urgent and timely social endeavors that we are involved with in Lebanon. If you’re interested, this display of pictures below will tell you more of the other social programs that FCL has been caring for these past years.

The local currency in Lebanon, the Lira, pegged to the dollar, has lost nearly 70% of its value this past year and every financial gift that we receive from overseas is a real asset to allow us to assist hundreds of struggling families. If you feel lead to shoulder our social endeavors, we will be most grateful. Thank you!

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