Mission Statement

HopeReach is a non-profit organization, working in
Tamil Nadu, India, committed to alleviating human suffering. We work on projects that enhance the quality of life for those who are poor, or otherwise disadvantaged, placing emphasis on improving the lives of suffering women and children, irrespective of nationality or creed. We are committed to working with integrity and compassion.

HopeReach workers are currently involved in social projects in Tamil Nadu, India, and are actively involved in health and educational projects that benefit highly impoverished villagers, with emphasis on the well-being of women and children.


Mountain View School Logo

Mountain View School for the rural poor opened in June 2015 to bring quality English-medium education to impoverished villagers for whom such education is usually out of their reach.

Education has the power to transform children’s lives, now and for generations to come. It is one of the principal routes out of poverty. It gives children and young people a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and to improve their lives. A good education can also be a powerful tool to address serious social issues.

Studies have shown that children and young people from impoverished and deprived backgrounds consistently achieve worse results in school, throughout the course of their educational career, than do their more affluent peers. There is a statistically significant gap in educational attainment across the socioeconomic gradient by the time children are 6 years old. This gap grows wider until by school leaving age poor children are far more likely to leave school without qualifications than their more affluent peers.

Our pre-school and primary school activities emphasize providing a nurturing environment conducive to positive learning experiences. Learning should and can be made interesting, enjoyable, fun. We teach modern and innovative early-learning techniques and activity-based learning that fosters the blossoming of the child’s natural development. “Drill and kill” approaches have not been found to be effective for engaging children actively in the learning process.

Mountain View School

For the most high-risk children, enriched preschool environments and excellent primary grade instruction can be a deciding factor between success or failure that will follow them all their lives… No time is as important, or as fleeting, as a child’s early years of life and schooling. Herein lies our greatest hope, and our most practical and effective opportunity for prevention.



SHE program

The SHE program was established to improve the health and livelihood of impoverished villagers in the area where we work, focusing especially on the well-being of women and female children.

Our programs include:

  • EVENING STUDY CENTERS providing educational assistance for impoverished village children. In addition, we provide extra Saturday tuition in maths, English and computer skills. We also conduct special camps and celebrations to give these children chance to participate in competitions and sports, and have fun! In addition, in an area which is deeply divided along lines of caste, children from different castes learn to associate with each other and form friendships.
  • ADOLESCENT AWARENSS PROGRAMS in the villages where we have tuition centres. We cover relevant topics related to health and hygiene, social issues that affect them and the importance of education. For these meetings we have undertaken to translate into Tamil the Meena comic books produced by UNICEF. Meena is a fictional character who educates the children of South Asia on issues of gender, health, and social inequality through her stories in comic books.
  • ASSISTANCE FOR VILLAGE NURSERY SCHOOLS, ‘anganwadis’, providing desperately needed educational resources and training.
  • ANNUAL EYE CAMPS with the world-renowned Aravind Eye Hospital. HopeReach provides the facilities and organises the logistics, while Aravind Hopsital provide the medical staff and treatment. Over 200 people have received free cataract operations from these camps.
  • PROMOTING THE HEALTH OF MOTHERS AND BABIES—We conduct several activities to improve the health of mothers and babies to address the common problems of poor nutrition, anemia, and low birth-weight babies.
  • HEALTH AWARENESS PROGRAMS—We regulary conduct awareness programs in different villages to address serious and common health issues that affect the villagers, such as diabetes, HIV, and TB.
SHE program


Read HopeReach’s Guiding Principles at http://hopereach.org/guiding-principles.html