Namenyi Project Hope

Namenyi Project Hope

Namenyi Project Hope
—South Africa

About Us

The Non-Profit Organization, Namenyi Project Hope (NPH) has been operating in South Africa since 2001, Educating Vulnerable Children, Promoting Crime Prevention Through Sports, Enhancing the Lives of Orphans, Supporting Sustainable Living, and Providing Hunger Relief.

Current Situation in South Africa

South Africa has 7.9 million people with HIV/AIDS (the highest number in the world). Every day there are about 1,000 new HIV infections. NPH has been conducting HIV/AIDS awareness programs (now combined with COVID-19 seminars) aimed at educating school-aged children since 2007. All the schools we are working in are in under-developed, poverty-torn communities, and many of the children are orphans.

By investing in the education and development of learners from primary school-age upwards, this charity aspires to help develop a generation of young South Africans who have the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves from HIV infection and to make wise choices about their health & future.

Dormitories and Provisions for Orphans

There are 2.8 million orphans in South Africa who are simply trying to survive. To help the orphans at the Khulani Kahle Children’s Home grow up in a safer, more secure environment NPH has built two dormitories for them. NPH has also been assisting the Children’s Home with regular, weekly food donations since 2005.

School Supplies

Many students in underprivileged areas cannot afford to buy the school books and supplies they need, hindering their learning and progress. NPH has been helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds with needed school supplies since 2006. The particular schools that NPH assists are located in economically disadvantaged areas with high unemployment, poverty & social difficulties, leaving them under-resourced and in desperate need.

Fruit Trees

The purpose of Namenyi Project Hope’s Fruit Tree Planting Campaign is to provide accessible healthful food and benefit the environment by donating and strategically planting fruit trees where they can best serve these disadvantaged communities for generations to come. The project is most active in rural school areas, also training the students how to do the planting themselves. The children learn to dig and till, weed, and fertilize with compost and bone-meal, and to water their tree. They also learn how to care for the trees as they mature.

Crime Prevention Through Sports

NPH has started donating soccer, rugby, and basketballs to poor communities in an effort to encourage greater sports instruction and build wholesome goal-oriented, team involvement skills for at-risk youth who need a “sports outlet” to help better cope with daily life challenges and move away from involvement in violence, crime, or drug use.

Project Manager: Andras Namenyi
Phone: +27 84 313 1776