Noi Orizonturi Familia

Noi Orizonturi Familia

Mission Statement


Noi Orizonturi—Familia (NOF) is a registered not-for-profit association in Romania, whose goal is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community, but especially children who are facing major health problems or are socially disadvantaged.

Our organization is funded by corporate and local companies, as well as friends and associates, and their networks within Romania and abroad.

The association employs 8 full time volunteers and many part time volunteers including friends and employees of various companies with whom Noi Orizonturi—Familia is collaborating. NOF does not have paid staff members.

Project “Eradicating Strabismus”

“Eradicating Strabismus” is a medical project initiated 4 years ago, through which we assist children coming from Placement Centers, Social Apartments, or socially disadvantaged families.

In most other European countries this medical eye problem is no longer an issue as most of the children diagnosed with it are taken care of at an early age, increasing their chances to correct the problem. In Romania unfortunately, this is not the case, as many children, especially the disadvantaged, do not receive proper care.

Noi Orizonturi—Familia recognized the seriousness of the problem and many social implications for those with strabismus and has jumped in to help by offering eye examinations, treatment, corrective glasses, eye surgeries, and post-operative check-ups for those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

Noi Orizonturi—Familia collaborates with and has been contracted by Child Protections Agencies in Bucharest and 12 other counties.

From the onset of the program until the end of 2016 Noi Orizonturi—Familia has provided eye care for hundreds of children. To date:

  • 197 children and teenagers have undergone successful eye-surgeries.
  • 1,528 children and teenagers received appropriate treatment and corrective glasses.

Our aim for 2017 is to extend tour program to 100 new cases of children suffering from strabismus and in the following years to cover all of Romania to eradicate the strabismus issue for children in underprivileged situations.

There are complex aspects of the program.

  • From a medical standpoint, if the children are still young enough the problem can, in most cases, be completely corrected. If they pass the age of 7 years they sometimes need 2 operations to achieve the needed results of straightening their eyes and improving their eyesight.
  • From a social standpoint, correcting their vision will boost the self-esteem of these children, improving their social skills and helping them feel happier and more accepted by society at large, thereby increasing their chances to succeed later on in life.
  • From an educational standpoint, correct vision will help them as students by enabling them to read better.

Noi Orizonturi—Familia has developed a step-by-step program which helps us monitor an individual’s results through questionnaires, follow-up visits, and discussions with the medical professionals involved.

By presenting the positive results of this program through as many avenues as possible we hope that many like-minded individuals, companies, and organizations will understand the huge impact that a project like “Eradicating Strabismas” can have in Romania. Please join us and our efforts to fill a gapping need that has had so many negative implications in the lives of these children.

Thank you for considering Noi Orizonturi—Familia and standing by our side in this project.

“Onco-Pediatric” Program

Our Fight against cancer in Romanian children and teenagers: The “Friends for You” Program

When you are sick it means a lot when someone takes the time to be with you, to help you out, to encourage you, to let you know that they will stand by you during your trying times. You appreciate it even more when a dibilitating illness extends over a long period of time, depleting your physical and emotional reserves. This is the case with the children and teenagers treated in the onco-pediatric ward of Fundeni Hospital in Bucharest, Romania.

The underfunded Romanian medical system has many hurdles and challenges to overcome when it comes to caring for cancer diagnosed children, especially those from disadvantaged households. However, Noi Orizonturi—Familia is helping fill the need by creating a project that supports, encourages, and helps these children and their families despite the challenges that their economical situation poses.

Noi Orizonturi—Familia works alongside the medical staff to offer support and encouragement during these trying times. Noi Orizonturi—Familia’s Onco-Pediatric Program focuses on:

  • Providing emotional therapy for cancer children by organizing clown shows, puppet theaters, birthday parties, celebrations of diverse occasions, etc.
  • Offering financial and medical support to the patients and their underprivileged families.
  • Offering the services of “The Parents’ Club” for counseling.