Retired Missionary Program

Retired Missionary Program

Mission Statement

Giving on Purpose is aware of the special situation of certain retiring Christian missionaries and works to provide financial assistance to help them meet pressing financial and/or medical needs.

Savings to cover crises or major events are limited for many retiring missionaries. After returning from up to 40 or more years on the mission field they now find themselves aging, and in some cases burdened with health problems, but with very little income or financial support. Some have no retirement or savings at all and may not be eligible for financing from a reliable institution, including Social Security and Medicare.

Older missionaries’ supporting mission organizations often did not provide a retirement or pension so now in their later years they must rely on limited employment and the continued support of some faithful donors, while their previously relied upon support base has decreased substantially because they are no longer considered part of “active ministry.”

Giving on Purpose appreciates the value of the years, sacrifices, and services these missionaries invested in others and in return would now like to help them meet some of their pressing financial and medical needs.

Comments from Retired Missionary Program Grant Recipients

Eric Goode — Santa Cruz, CA, USA

The Emelda Catalan family (Philippines): Their home was washed totally away by a flood a couple years ago. I have been ministering to them and contributing small amounts for about 3 yrs. After over a year they where able to build a cinderblock room and small kitchen with tin-roof a little further away from flood zone. The lastest contribution is to place windows, which are just covered with plastic. It’s rainy season so they are subject to colds & still need better food and occasional meds. In the summer we will try to put in a concrete floor (it’s dirt now), when the weather is drier.

Angellie Asa, a single mom with a young boy (Philippines): She and others family members are a very poor and live a few hours from Manila, Philippines. I began helping with donations for rent and basic food needs and a few times for medical needs. Angellie and her sister have been trying to stock and open a little variety store built into her sister’s home. I was able to help with that also.

Sheela Burchfield — Austin, TX, USA

Thank you again so much for your help! This grant is helping me to pay off my Toyota Corolla. It has been a challenge for me to pay it off with my other bills as I am a single mom. However, I knew the Lord would somehow do it!

As soon as I complete college this Spring and get a job working in a hospital, I will be doing work with foster teens at the Austin Children’s Center. I am also taking a lot of teens camping at McKinney Falls State Park during Spring Break. People don’t usually realize how confusing it is to be a teen these days, and connecting them with nature improves their health, gives them some great activities, and brings them so much needed peace. Thank you very much for how you have helped all of them, myself and my kiddos!

Stephen and Gaby Farr — Kansas City, MO, USA

Dear team of Giving On Purpose:

We just wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful gift we received from you, it has been a big blessing. We were able to pay off some of the debt we acquired when Stephen broke his leg and was hospitalized. It relieved some of the economic pressure we have been under the past year and has also given us more hope for this New Year.

We will keep you all in our prayers and wish you a very blessed New Year!