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Mission Statement

When action speaks louder than words…

Rise Above Foundation, a non-profit NGO, is an international group of active people with the focus of improving the quality of life for poor Filipinos in Cebu, Philippines. We conduct skills training courses; run health, hygiene, and educational programs; give active help in disaster areas; and distribute aid to those in need.

Our Rise Above Community Center is equipped with a Dental Clinic, Computer Instruction Lab, Children’s Education Library, and an instructional Kitchen. The Center offers free dental treatment, education for out-of-school-youth via the “Alternative Learning System” (ALS), and handles a variety of food programs and mass feedings for undernourished families.

Children ages 3-6 receive free childcare and preschool education in our Family Care Child-Minding Center. These children come from very poor families who don’t have the means to send their kids to school. They learn in a clean and healthy environment. FCCMC’s sponsorship program can help a child get the education he or she needs for US$40 per month.

Rise Above Foundation runs its Recy-Bags Livelihood Program to help unemployed women learn how to weave bags and mats from recycled rice and feed sacks, giving their families a steady income while also converting waste material into beautiful, trendy bags. If you want to help support the RecyBags program please contact us at recybags@riseabove-cebu.org to purchase these colorful and fashionable products. Thank you!

Rise Above Foundation’s Internship/Volunteer Program receives up to 200 volunteer interns from several countries every year. The interns, who most often come to help during their holidays, are placed in 27 institutions, schools, and hospitals in Cebu for periods ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months

Foreign and local dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and other support personnel volunteer for RAF’s Medical and Dental Mission & Tooth-Brushing Program. Dental Missions programs are held in depressed areas of Cebu and to date have treated over 40,000 patients free of charge. The Medical Missions programs are held with local doctors and nurses.

We need support for these missions, primarily to cover costs of materials and medicine, and secondarily the costs involved to run each program. US$10 will cover the cost of the medicines and materials necessary for one patient.

A lack of personal and oral hygiene overwhelmingly contributes to the poor health of most poor Filipino children. To help combat the very poor oral health conditions RAF has initiated a program that is presently teaching over 25,000 children in Cebu elementary schools to properly and brush their teeth and wash their hands, and instilling in them the importance of maintaining regular oral health and personal hygiene. The cost per student per year is US$1 to cover toothpaste, toothbrushes, and hand soap.

Initiated in 2005 RAF’s Food Program has weekly provided up to 550 healthy lunches for children in poor elementary schools in the depressed areas of Cebu. One meal for 500 children costs US$200

RAF’s Educational Program has been sponsoring elementary and high school education for 100 school children and vocational and college courses for select older students since 2005.

The Philippines is historically the frequent target of earthquakes and typhoons. RAF’s Aid to Victims of Disasters programs have, through the generous donations of many local and foreign donors, enabled us to bring vital emergency aid to those at the epicenter of these natural disasters. RAF has helped rebuild 105 houses and two schools, built or restored multiple fishing boats, and re-planted local vegetable gardens for these struggling families.

As part of a worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement many companies both local and international adopt an NGO like RAF, or sponsor one of RAF’s projects, as a way for them to give back to society. Would you or your company like to adopt RAF or sponsor one of our projects and help us make a difference in this needy part of the world?

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