Recent Activities of Family Care Cambodia!

Songs and Celebration for Primary School Children!

“We invited all of our village school primary students to a Christmas celebration on December 18th. Each of the 4 classes had prepared an english Christmas song to perform for the whole student body. Alex led a class singing , “Christmas Praises”,  15 year old Estina accompanied her class on guitar as they sang, “Sing Noel”….the youngest kids sang “Christmas Tree” and I led a class singing “Christ is Born” in costume of Mary, Joseph, Angels and children. I even made a soft swaddled baby Jesus out of plastic bags! It was so cute and all of the children did so well! The kids divided into 4 big teams and rotated through game and activity stations: tug of war, 3 legged races, musical chairs and the telling of the first Christmas story. Then we gave out prizes for the games, served a snack and presented a gift for each child. It was a huge undertaking but everything went so smooth and so joyfully…..Holy Spirit power at work!”

Christmas Love for the Elderly

“On the 15th of December, 2022, we invited 50 elderly from 4 surrounding villages to our rural school. We decided to make this event all about the birth of Jesus. So Raksa explained that and I asked who had never been to a Christmas celebration before. With one voice they all answered, “Never!” That brought tears to my eyes.

So we told the story of the first Christmas with my big flannelgraph board while everyone listened attentively. Afterwards, I played guitar, while our 6 teens sang a few Christmas carols, that we’d been practicing, much to the elderly’s delight. Then Thida gave a deeper explanation of John 3:16, and what it means to us all that God loved us so much as to send His only Son into the world. It was very moving. Everyone was served a sandwich and a care package of rice, canned fish, cooking oil, soy sauce, towel and soap! 

Q3 News and Report! (including meeting a head chef who was at our Orphanage 20 years ago!!!