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About Us

Family Care Cambodia (FCC) is a non-profit, faith-based organization founded, directed by Alex and Ann Soldner, who arrived in Cambodia in 2002. We provide education opportunities, teacher, parenting and social worker training, Christian character building, trauma recovery and healing, creative arts, mentoring, inspiration and support to underprivileged children, youth and families in Phnom Penh, and the rural provinces of Cambodia. We were legally recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006; the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in 2009 and the Council for the Development of Cambodia in 2009.


To help children develop their full potential in a loving and nurturing environment. To strengthen and encourage parents, teachers and caregivers and to equip them with the resources for their important jobs. Our core values are:

  • Family: We believe that families are the building block of society and that every child deserves the nurturing, protection and support of caring adults.
  • Love: Our main motivation in all that we do is love for God and love for our fellowman. Every child deserves to be loved and nurtured. Every child can learn to love and respect themselves and others, and can make a meaningful contribution to society.
  • Respect for the Nation: We honor and respect our local co-workers, beneficiaries and partners. We admire the indomitable spirit of the Cambodian people to overcome adversity and to thrive against all odds.
  • Worth of the Individual: We recognize the value and importance of each individual and acknowledge the whole person- body, mind and spirit.
  • Commitment: We are committed to using our time, energy and resources to impart kindness, encouragement and tangible help to the children we work with and all those we encounter in the community.

We accomplish these goals through the following projects…

Siem Reap Rural Education Development

Responding to Cambodian Ministry of Education’s urgent call for better quality education in rural schools, we’ve established partnerships with two public primary schools; Phum Thnal Primary school in 2005, and Sandan Primary School, in 2014. Between these 2 schools, we provide approximately 400 primary school children with free English and IT classes daily. An IT lab with 30 computers was installed in both locations and educational software programs for reading, writing and speaking English incorporated into the curriculum. Repairs and upgrades have been completed at both schools including hand wash basins, lavatories, sidewalks, drainage, electric installation, fans, tiles, painting, etc. We’ve organized English Camps and student excursions. The majority of students who participate in our programs go on to junior high school, including the girls, thus markedly reducing the dropout rate that is so prevalent in rural communities.

Village Learning Center, Kampong Speu

The majority of Cambodia’s youth live in small villages in rural districts characterized by a shortage of schools and qualified teachers. Early childhood education, access to technology, and bi-lingual training remain largely out of reach. As a result, many rural children struggle academically and drop out of school before completing 6th grade, to help their families with chores and field work instead. In an effort to address this need, FCC helped to establish the RIS (Ruby International School); a community learning center in Tany Village, of Kampong Speu province. Tany is a village with over 200 families, in a province where only an estimated 10% of children enroll in secondary school. Our students ages 3-19, come from the surrounding villages and are enrolled in daily preschool or English classes. We seek donors to sponsor students from the poorest families, and supplement teacher salaries. RIS serves as a base from which we reach out to the vulnerable and needy in the community.

Sports and Recreation

Since 2007, we have partnered with the National Special Olympic Committee of Cambodia to host athletic competitions for intellectually challenged children and youth. We organize the donation, delivery and distribution of free lunch, snacks and drinks for all participating children, care-givers and parents. We’ve also installed a professional soccer pitch, playground, volley ball court and boulez court at our RIS campus in Kampong Speu. These provide both our students and members of the local community, the only sports and recreational venue in the district.

Capacity Building and Christian Ministries

We provide seminars for teachers, parents and social workers. We organize events to provide activities and care packages for the neglected elderly and reach out to children in remote areas with activities, art and story time lessons. We translate and distribute Gospel materials and motivational publications which we share in classes designed to empower youth, women, and families. We regularly incorporate international volunteers and student interns into our projects to promote cultural awareness and understanding.

Family Care Cambodia

The activities you have just read about were made possible through donations from businesses and concerned individuals. If you would like to know more, or donate to our work, contact us at:
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