EduVision International, Nigeria

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EduVision International Nigeria registered in Nigeria under the Corporate Affair Commission in October 2003 (IT/CERT no. 14,991). Our mandate is to respond to the educational need of the less privileged and empowering the youth.

As a non-governmental organization EVIN has been committed to and operating in accordance to the services of the less privileged in Nigeria since 1999. EVIN’s presence has been felt through its various vocational and educational training programs for disadvantaged communities, and the medical projects we’ve operated throughout rural and urban Nigeria.

Our vision is to bring quality education and training to those in need through scholastic and vocational skills training programs that empower individual students with the credibility and means to carry the vocation they have learned into their future.

The EduVision School
Over the last twenty-one years EVIN has been helping to strengthen the educational facilities in the rural areas of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  What started as a project to help educate the poor indigenes of the FCT, has grown into three schools (nursery, primary, and secondary) with more than four hundred children enrolled at the time of this writing.

Our first focus was helping the indigenous tribes of the FCT, who during the construction of Abuja had been displaced from their tribal lands. Most are poor uneducated farmers without land to farm and with very limited financing to make it possible send their children to school.

Their lack of education also means they can’t find employment in Abuja. The majority of jobs available require a higher degree of education. Also, most of the villages surrounding the FCT have become havens for many migrating from other states to try to find wealth in the capital. Most of these people are also very poor and not able to send their children to school.

So we set up a school in Gwako village, not only for the indigenous, but also for the different tribes living in this village and the surrounding villages and satellite towns. At this time we have 430 children receiving free or heavily subsidized education in our schools.

EduVision’s Youth Empowerment Project
Thirty-six years ago, when the construction of Abuja was initiated, thousands of individuals seeking employment made up a labor force to try to bring Nigerians’ dream to reality. A labor camp was built in Nyanya to shelter these workers. At the time some of these workers were married and some were not. Years later, a new generation of youths sprang up in Nyanya–some born there, others migrated in with their parents from distant villages.

The thousands of unemployed youth around Nyanya, Abuja, posed a huge problem to the security of Abuja city. The Federal Capital Territory administration invited EduVision International Nigeria to identify unemployed youths in the area and to see how they could be trained in their areas of endowment in an attempt to empower their futures.

The desire to address this was later conceptualized into the provision of small scale entrepreneurship and an informal market to keep the youth gainfully employed. In May 2010, an IT training center was opened in Nyanya. More than 110 young people have been trained or receiving training since the center opened.

EduVision’s Medical Projects
Medical treatment is difficult to obtain throughout rural Nigeria due to scarcity and cost. To combat this problem our team in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has been involved in the hosting a series of free medical camps to provide treatment for those in need of it. Ninety of these camps have been organized over the years.

A team of volunteer doctors and staff make these projects a reality by giving week at a time to help make each camp a reality. On average between 2500-3500 people receive free medical treatment at each camp project. The areas of medical focus are: eye, dental, and general surgery, as well as consultation and free medicine for the patients.