Siam Family Projects, Thailand

Siam Family Projects

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Mission Statement

Siam Family Projects is a small non-profit group of volunteers working in Northern Thailand, promoting Christian values, and helping rural schools with English study materials and programs. We have been active in service in Thailand since the early 1990s.

Our Operations

Siam Family Projects is run by an American-Thai couple with decades of experience in social aid and Christian work in many countries. Stephen is an American with over 30 years of experience in Thailand. Joy is from Northern Thailand and has worked in Eastern Europe and other South East Asian countries. Her Thai background gives her the cultural insight and commonality necessary to work with the people in Northern Thailand—an invaluable asset to our work.


We conduct English study programs, often accompanied by other volunteers who join us for that purpose. These programs employ a wide variety of teaching aids incorporated into a series of fun and upbeat activities geared around inspiring the students to apply themselves while helping them remember what they are being taught.


We work alongside World Race, an American Christian organization that sends teams of volunteers through a variety of countries to help and serve those in need. We connect the World Race teams that come to Thailand with needy, yet worthy and efficiently run schools, where they can teach English and assist other studies for the 3 to 7 weeks they are in-country.

We communicate with the teams before they arrive in Thailand and in person upon arrival to help them understand the school they will be stationed at and the work they’ll be doing. Each team is also instructed on the Thai cultural “do’s and don’ts” important to this beautiful Buddhist country. We then introduce the World Race team to the school supervisor who will oversee their day-to-day teaching and student interaction.

The program is mutually beneficial for the volunteer team as well as the students they work with. Team members learn about the local culture, build long lasting relationships, and bring God’s love to people in ways they would never see otherwise.

Senior Care

For the past seven years, our work has taken us to various senior centers, as well, where we conduct activities and programs structured to stimulate the elderly’s mental and emotional capabilities and help them build deeper friendships with those they come in contact with.

A very touching aspect of our work in these senior centers is when we visit those less mobile, and often more confined, to bring them hope and cheer along with healthful snacks and practical gifts.


Last, but clearly not least, we conduct family and personal Christian counselling, specifically with people we have known and/or who are referred to us. Our ministry of personal counselling has grown on many levels and has become a rewarding and fulfilling facet of our work in Thailand.

Siam Family Projects

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  • Stephen and Joy Hanson
    Stephen and Joy Hanson
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