Recent Activities of Building Blocks India

On August 26, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Chandana, Mr. Valentin, from Eduvision and the secretary of the Aurobindo Pharma Foundation at our school. They came to inspect the improvements of the infrastructure and set up that they had generously funded. They were very impressed by the quality and speed of the work done.

Our K4 and K5 students welcomed them with a delightful dance performance. We also expressed our gratitude by presenting them with garlands, greetings, thank-you cards, and plaques.

They spent some time interacting with our students and staff. They praised our efforts and encouraged us to continue our mission of providing education to the slum children.

We thank them once again for their kindness and support. We look forward to their next visit.

On 18th of August, our school was invited by Planview company to join them on their Annual day. Planview is a software company that supports our school’s mission to provide quality education for underprivileged children.

We were delighted to accept their invitation and sent 16 of our K5 students along with their class teacher and 3 members of our head office team to their annual function. Our students prepared a special dance for the occasion, which they performed with enthusiasm and grace. The audience was very impressed by their talent and cheered them on.

The Planview team also gave some presents to our students as a token of appreciation. They gave each student a tiffin box, which they could use to carry their lunch to school. Our students were very happy and grateful for the gifts.

We thank Planview for their generosity and hospitality, and for giving our students a memorable experience. We hope to continue our partnership with them in the future.

Independence Day Celebrations at Our Schools

On August 15, 2023, our schools celebrated the 76th anniversary of India’s independence with great enthusiasm and patriotism. The students and staff participated in various activities to commemorate the occasion and pay tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Some of the highlights of the celebrations were:

  • At our Azalea branch, the flag was hoisted outside, and the national anthem was sung by everyone. The children and staff came with tricolour dresses and some children also came in fancy dresses depicting famous personalities from Indian history. The K5 children presented their speech, national song, and dance on patriotic songs. Tricolour sweets were prepared for everyone.
  • At our Bluebells branch, the flag was hoisted by the chief guest, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, a renowned social worker, who also encouraged the students to serve society and the nation. The cultural program included a children’ dance performance, a fancy dress competition, and a speech from our K4 and K5 students to make the celebration even more colourful. Ms. Aby, Ms. Divya, and Ms. Pushpa also joined us during the celebration.
  • At our Daisy branch, the flag was hoisted inside and all sang the national anthem. Children came in tricolour dresses and staff came in colourful sarees. The K4 children came in fancy dresses and the K5 class children gave a speech, sang, and  performed for a dance on patriotic songs. Tricolour sweet breakfast was served for all staff and children.
  • At our Freesia branch, the flag was hoisted by the chief guest, Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, a prominent politician and MP, who also praised the students for their achievements and aspirations. The flag hosting was followed by K5 students’ speech on Independence Day, a dance and song sung by children on this special day. All the children came in colourful dresses and some children were dressed up like Onake Obavva, Ambedkar, Nehru, and Subhas Chandra Bose.
  • At our Gardenia branch, the flag was hoisted by the chief guest, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, a retired army officer, who also gave a motivational speech on the importance of national unity and integrity. The cultural program included a fancy dress competition by K3, K4, and K5 students, a patriotic dance by K4 and K5 students and Gerwins Foster home children.  K4 student Alwin and K5 student Sai Saran gave a speech on independence day.

The celebrations at our schools were a reflection of our love and respect for our country and its rich culture and heritage. We are proud to be a part of this great nation and we pledge to uphold its values and ideals. Jai Hind!

The  Future You Are Investing Into!

Tanuja is one of the brightest and active students in the class. She is a kind and inquisitive girl who is constantly eager to learn new things. Tanuja finds being in an academic setting to be an incredible experience. Her family frequently experiences financial struggles, health issues, and dysfunctional family relationships. They place more value on managing their daily survival than on education. Tanuja is doing a fantastic job at Building Blocks despite her situation at home. And like her, hundreds of children are getting the chance to receive nourishing meals, educational opportunities, care, and a solid foundation for life. You’ve had a significant influence on Tanuja’s future through your sponsorship. This is only one example of the countless stories of such lives that are improving every day. Thank you!

Classroom Activities

The teaching and in-class activities have been excellent. The month was jam-packed with enjoyable activities, academic study, and the learning of useful life skills. As they do every month, the teachers prepared a carefully thought-out curriculum and activities. According to the children’s most recent assessment results, all of the children are progressing well. Thanks to the teachers’ creativity and meticulous planning, there is never a dull moment in class and children are learning a lot as a result.

Science Exhibition

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workshops were held by the Boeing Company for students in grades 6 and 7. In this month’s session, our Project+10 students attended for the first time. They participated in the workshop with the Shishumandir organization. The students gained a lot of knowledge about STEM subjects. The Boeing team explained how helicopters and airplanes operate with the students. They found learning about how airplanes operate and fly to be fascinating. The workshop featured visual presentations, exercises, and conversational discussions.

Project +10 Students’ Performance

Our Project + 10 students had the chance to perform for a company, EMIDS, at their yearly employee award ceremony. Due to their performances, the students are becoming more well-known and are receiving invitations from companies to participate in their events and programs. They didn’t fail to impress them. All of the company representatives present at the event thought highly of their performance. With all the lights and sound, it was amazing! All the students deserve praise for their hard work and impressive performance. Thank you EMIDS company for giving us an opportunity for our students to participate in your event and for your generous contribution to our work.

Christmas Season 2022

The month of December was very special with the celebration of Christmas. All our centers were decorated with Christmas trees and wreaths. We had Santa sharing stories and gifts to add to the excitement. A lot of fun activities were organized by the center staff for the children and we had Uncle Josef’s puppet show on the theme of Christmas.

Friends and sponsors visited our centers and the children entertained them with dance performances to popular Christmas songs. Our ‘Project +10’ student’s dance team visited and performed in companies, senior citizen’s homes, hospitals, and homes for children with disabilities. Building Blocks children were shining, putting up an amazing show. Our friends visiting our centers sponsored special meals and gave gifts to the children. In all our centers the children were served special meals for the celebrations.

In appreciation and honor of our dedicated staff, a fun day was organized for all of them. The day was organized with fun games, activities, a delicious lunch and most of all a wonderful bonding time for the entire staff from all Building Blocks Bangalore centers.

Thank you for being with us this last year. Together we did it!! Looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling new year 2023 and reaching greater heights!

November 2022

It was that special time of the year, the month of November when we celebrate children’s day. This program is for the children, by the children and the stars of the show……the children! They take the centre stage. Children from all our centres came together and put up an amazing performance for this special event.

The theme of the celebrations was “Unity In Diversity”. Bringing out the uniqueness of India which is so rich in cultures, forms of art and dance, and languages from different states across the country. Based on this theme each centre performed folk dances of the different states of India.

Their performances were fantastic!! Thanks to all who patiently helped choreograph all the dances. Enjoy the pictures of all the amazing performances by our children.