Recent Activities of Building Blocks India!

We are delighted to announce that all the K5 grade students from our centers have completed their graduation and will be advancing to primary school. This is a significant milestone for the children. Your contribution has been instrumental in achieving this success. These are our future stars who will go on to make life-changing impacts for themselves and their families.

The third assessment for students in K3, K4, and K5 grades began on April 1st. The evaluated subjects were Kannada, Moral Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Drawing. Conducted from April 1st to April 6th, 2024, this comprehensive evaluation was pivotal in our ongoing effort to assess and understand the educational development of our young learners. The results of these assessments were instrumental in determining the promotion of all students to the subsequent grade.
All the children did very well and the results were the proof of it. The parents were very proud and happy for their children receiving good education and care at the Building Blocks centers.

It is a proud moment to announce that all the students of the 2023-24 academic year from our 10 centers have successfully graduated this month. Across seven of our centers, graduation ceremonies were held to celebrate their achievements this month.

The event began with a heartfelt welcome address, succeeded by a lively dance performance from the students. The highlight of the event was our former students who are now in higher grades who part of our Project +10, graced the stage as the master of ceremonies. The program featured dance performances, sincere speeches delivered by the children, and  testimonials by parents celebrating their children’s development at our center.

Graduation certificates were presented, and both the teacher and the center head gave uplifting speeches. The celebration culminated with the children performing a charming thank-you dance to show their appreciation. 

Special guests that had attended our Azalea center graduation ceremony were Ms.Praveena Yagnambhat and the Boeing team, Ms.Megumi Shimonaka who is visiting Building Blocks with her team from Japan.

Snacks were provided for everyone present, including the children. It was indeed an unforgettable and touching occasion.

On 03.04.2024, we visited Ima Recreations with 23 children from K5 to play traditional games. We began with outdoor activities such as sea/shore, ring toss, marble striking, tyre rolling, and pot smashing. Later, the children engaged in indoor games like seed sorting, ‘guess what’, odd and even games using tamarind seeds and shells, board games involving seeds, and catapult games. Ms. Ima, who is the owner of the place, presented gifts to the children. She commended our children for their intellectual engagement in all the games and expressed appreciation for our teachers who guided them correctly. The children had a wonderful time.

On 5th April 2024, we visited Poly Fluro Ltd with a group of 40 students ranging from 6th to 9th standard, accompanied by 6 adults. 

The company extended a warm welcome to us, complete with refreshments, making for a pleasant experience.

Specializing in engineering plastics, Poly Fluro Ltd is at the forefront of innovating and manufacturing new products. They begin with raw materials in powder form, which are then transformed into a variety of components such as tubes, hoses, valves, and bush bearings. 

Students from the Project +10 learned about various manufacturing machines, their functions, uses, and the processes of quality control. The visit provided a highly educational experience in the realm of machinery and engineering, leaving the students both amazed and delighted. Following their visit, the children were treated to a surprise lunch at a restaurant, which they enjoyed immensely.

On April 8, 2024, we celebrated the Ugadi festival. Children arrived in colorful dresses. The assembly area was adorned with mango leaves, a signboard, and rangoli to give the staff and children a festive welcome. The center head educated the children about the Ugadi Festival. All classes conducted activities related to the theme. We prepared a special lunch for everyone, consisting of white rice, vegetable sambar, a vegetable side dish, papad, salad, sweet obbattu, and bevu bella.

In the past month, our classes were bustling with well-planned lessons and engaging activities across various subjects. Teachers planned story-telling, poem recitals, reading, writing, and practical tasks to create a rich learning experience for the children. These lessons were designed by our curriculum coordinators and well executed by our dedicated teachers.

The children actively participated in these activities, enhancing their practical life skills and fostering a love for learning.  Additionally, playtime exercises have been thoughtfully integrated into our daily schedule, further enriching the children’s overall development.

In January, across various classes (K3, K4, and K5), students enthusiastically participated in Pongal-themed art and craft activities. The K5 class took center stage with an assembly activity speech about the significance of the Pongal festival. Children engaged in creative activities inspired by the New Year and Pongal themes. The festive spirit was further enhanced by vibrant rangoli designs. Both children and staff adorned themselves in colorful attire, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. A special breakfast featuring sweet pongal and sugarcane was served, bringing joy and warmth to the occasion.

We are delighted to share that James Suresh Ambat, President of Building Blocks India got the invitation to attend the inauguration of the Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center in Bengaluru, the largest facility of Boeing outside the USA. The event was attended by our Prime Minister Shri  Narendra Modi Ji, the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri Siddaramiah, Ms. Stephanie Pope COO of  The Boeing Company, and other dignitaries. We are grateful to Boeing for their long-standing support and contribution to educating hundreds of underprivileged children. We also appreciate their initiative “The Boeing Sukanya Program” to empower young women in the field of aviation engineering and pilot training. It was a wonderful event and a privilege for Building Blocks to be a part of it. Thank you, Ms Praveena Yagnam Bhat, Chief of Staff Of Boeing, for your kind invitation.

At our Bloom Computer Training Center, students are thriving as they acquire essential computer skills. These foundational abilities, including typing and proficiency in Microsoft Word, can unlock numerous job opportunities in the field of computers. We’re thrilled to announce that at  Freesia Bloom Center the third batch of students and at our Bluebells Bloom Center the first batch of students have successfully graduated!

Ms. Nalini Gangadhar, Co-Founder of Educate to Empower, visited Bangalore to meet the students and mentors of Building Blocks India. Ms. Nalini has been supporting Building Blocks for 14 years, sponsoring education, setting up libraries, and providing online classes, smartphones, tablets, solar lamps, desks, dictionaries, and food bags to the students. She also helped establish a digital literacy center for women and connected Building Blocks with the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore. The event was a celebration of her contributions and the achievements of the students.

The event was filled with happiness and joy as online teachers met their students, and prizes were distributed for essay writing and their computer course graduation certificates. Each student received a one-dollar note as a token to inspire them to collect notes, coins, and stamps from different countries.

The students entertained all the guests with some amazingly choreographed dance performances.

We express our gratitude for these collaborations between organizations from different countries, influencing the future of students in India and providing Indians living abroad with an opportunity to give back to their country.

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