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Christmas Day 2022: A Three Course Meal for the Homeless!

As part of our Celebration, we focused on bringing the spirit of Christmas – God’s Love – to as many as possible. We put up an invite sign on our gate and served a special three course meal – complete with dessert – to anyone who came in.
Another team packed many trays of food into a car, and drove around the neighborhood, serving food to those in need. The reactions were so beautiful! We are so grateful to have been on the ground, spreading Christmas Love to these dear ones.
We also took a meal to the local police station; a small way to thank these community servants for all they do throughout the year. What a Merry Christmas Day!

Putting Christ Back into Christmas for the Children of Wolverivier

What a privilege to be invited to partner with an initiative for the children of Wolverivier area, specifically to bring Christ into their Christmas event! The organizers reached out to us, knowing that we are missionaries and do our weekly Sunday School in the area. They had the gifts, games, and snacks ready, and asked if we could come to the event to tell the Christmas story and give an altar call; which we could not be more thrilled to do!
After all the little ones and teenagers were gathered, Chris spoke to them on Christ’s great Love and the message of hope and Salvation that Christmas brings! Then, the children who had not done so yet had an opportunity to accept Jesus as their Saviour, which 160 of them gladly did! How wonderful! Each one also received an parallel English and Afrikaans “Christmas Long Ago” booklet to read – plus a CD with the story narrated on it!

A Joyous Celebration with Toys, Talks, and Treats for Hundreds of Children

At two different communities, we organized events for hundreds of children! First we unloaded many boxes of toys, goodie bags, and more! Then Angela and Mike gave Christmas messages and presented the opportunity to these dear ones to accept Jesus as their Forever Friend and Saviour – with many responding wholeheartedly! (240 in total!)
In one of these communities, the families don’t even have electricity, and this was absolutely what made their Christmas. All those that received are from very low or no income families, and could not afford the Christmas extras! But the Lord wanted to show His Love for them in this way! One by one interacting with the sweet children – and giving them their toy, treat bag, and sanitizer to take home – we were reminded of the words of Jesus “Let the children come unto Me … the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

All Work is Great if Done with Great Love – A Christmas “Thank You” to the Waste Collectors

As a little thanks for all their faithful (and often unpleasant) work throughout the year, we made up large hampers for the waste collectors, which the children helped prep and hand over. In addition to all the other staples, treats, and Gospel material, each of the men and women also received a pack of mince pies and a Christmas pudding!

A Very Special Sunday School!

A wonderful Christmas experience came for 91 dear children from our Sunday School in Morningstar informal settlement! They were so excited as soon as we unloaded the lovely sponsored treat bags; and even much more upon seeing the variety of toys for younger and older!

After a prayer, we began giving out the gifts! Each child went home with a pack of treats and a toy of their choosing! How lovely to see their shocked faces and smiles as they received the goodies, and wave goodbye with a reminder to each one that “Jesus Loves you!”