Building Blocks, India

Help create a better future for children in poverty!

We envision a future India free from poverty where all children, regardless of background or class have equal opportunity to get an education. We provide education to children from underprivileged or low income families to achieve this goal. The early childhood years are the most crucial in the development of the child, both physically and mentally. Building Blocks’ resolution to starting early gives its beneficiaries a head start in life.

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Arriba las Manos, Colombia

Arriba las Manos is a foundation that supports education and the arts as tools to combat poverty.

Ararca is a small, marginalized community of about 1,300 people on the northern coast of Colombia, by the Caribbean Sea.Up until 2010 they didn’t have running water in the homes and all the streets were unpaved, very dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy season. The only public space was the state school, which didn’t have a library because there was no librarian provided by the government.

Two young sisters living in the nearby city of Cartagena decided to organize weekly workshops for the primary students… and that’s how it started…

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EduVision International, Nigeria

Our mandate is to respond to the educational need of the less privileged and empowering the youth. As a non-governmental organization EVIN has been committed to and operating in accordance to the services of the less privileged in Nigeria since 1999.

EVIN’s presence has been felt through its various vocational and educational training programs for disadvantaged communities, and the medical projects we’ve operated throughout rural and urban Nigeria.

Our vision is to bring quality education and training to those in need through scholastic and vocational skills training programs that empower individual students with the credibility and means to carry the vocation they have learned into their future.

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Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Philippines

Rise Above Foundation Cebu (RAFC) is an international non-profit NGO with the focus of improving the quality of life for Filipinos in Cebu, Philippines. They conduct skills training courses; run health, hygiene, and educational programs; give active help in disaster areas; and distribute aid to those in need.

The Rise Above Community Center is equipped with a Dental Clinic, Computer Instruction Lab, Children’s Education Library, and an instructional Kitchen. The Center offers free dental treatment, education for out-of-school-youth via the “Alternative Learning System” (ALS), and handles food programs and mass feedings for undernourished families.

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Family Care, Cambodia

Family Care Cambodia is a non-profit, faith-based organization based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They provide education opportunities, teacher, parenting & social worker training, Christian character building, trauma recovery & healing, creative arts, mentoring, inspiration & support to underprivileged children, youth & families.

We were recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006; the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in 2009 and the Council for the Development of Cambodia in 2009.

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Siam Family Projects, Thailand

Siam Family Projects (SFP) is a small non-profit group of volunteers working in Northern Thailand, promoting Christian values, and helping rural schools with English study materials and programs. They have been active in service in Thailand since the early 1990s.

Siam Family Projects is run by an American-Thai couple with decades of experience in social aid and Christian work in many countries. Stephen is an American with over 30 years of experience in Thailand. Joy is from Northern Thailand and has worked in Eastern Europe and other South East Asian countries. Her Thai background gives her the cultural insight and commonality necessary to work with the people in Northern Thailand—an invaluable asset to the work.

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Helping Hand, South Africa

Since 1998, the Helping Hand team consists of like-minded individuals who have made it their life’s calling to help those in need. Our team’s members have chosen to live and work together as one family; enabling us to vastly enhance our efforts as well as greatly cut down our overhead. Members are non-salaried and rely on donations to cover costs.

Members of Helping Hand strive to meet the needs of others through a wide range of humanitarian efforts, including emergency relief efforts, food and aid distribution, support of abused woman and children, distribution of aid packages for HIV/AIDS and TB, volunteer training, capacity building for the underprivileged, and education initiatives. We are constantly on the look-out to physically improve the structures and maintenance of existing initiatives. Members also provide emotional and spiritual support for relief workers, and engage in programs in hospitals, orphanages, creches, schools, refugee camps, and shelters.

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