Helping Hand, South Africa

Since 1998, the Helping Hand team consists of like-minded individuals who have made it their life’s calling to help those in need. Our team’s members have chosen to live and work together as one family; enabling us to vastly enhance our efforts as well as greatly cut down our overhead. Members are non-salaried and rely on donations to cover costs.

Members of Helping Hand strive to meet the needs of others through a wide range of humanitarian efforts, including emergency relief efforts, food and aid distribution, support of abused woman and children, distribution of aid packages for HIV/AIDS and TB, volunteer training, capacity building for the underprivileged, and education initiatives. We are constantly on the look-out to physically improve the structures and maintenance of existing initiatives. Members also provide emotional and spiritual support for relief workers, and engage in programs in hospitals, orphanages, creches, schools, refugee camps, and shelters.

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